Corporate Social Responsibility at Vizlesan

VIT webadmin March 12, 2021
Veterans in Technology and Business Empowerment Program

The civilian perception of veteran’s skills and abilities is one of the biggest barriers to veteran hiring. Vizlesan understands military skillset and how these skills translate to the industry. Vizlesan is aware of the difficulties members of this talent pool may encounter as they maneuver through transition. We help identify the right area and enable them to be part of the workforce so they can continue serving the nation.

Enable/ Empower veterans to acquire new skills and to serve the nation after their uniformed service. Vets deliver subject matter expertise, years of on-the-job training and advanced skills in such fields as information technology, transportation, logistics, supply-chain management and public relations. Vets can help raise a company’s workforce to the next level in many areas, including:

  • Leadership and teamwork. Military service creates individuals who work to earn the respect of their peers and understand how to bring people together to pursue strategic, common goals.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making. Servicemen and servicewomen are required to react quickly and precisely, adapting to new information in dynamic, high-pressure situations.
  • Honesty and attention to detail. Many veterans have high-level security clearances, and all are trained to meet the highest standards when it comes to ethics, safety and other organizational imperatives.
  • Global perspectives. Members of the military usually have years of on-the-ground experience working with international teams of diverse individuals—a distinct advantage in our globalizing economy.

Through our on-going success as a SDVOSB company, Vizlesan continues to innovate, solve complex problems, create new jobs, and offer technology training to empower the veteran community. We are very proud to serve the Government leading innovation and digital transformation as a SDVOSB contractor partner, and we are committed to the principles that shaped us to serve better.