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About us webadmin February 6, 2020

Vizlesan is founded by service-disabled Veteran with a desire to serve more. Vizlesan Team are goal oriented and are driven by a duty to serve our clients, our employees, and our community. We are committed to helping organizations achieve their goals by cultivating a team of talented professionals that deliver exceptional service, creative insights, and high quality results.


Vizlesan helps federal agencies achieve mission success using emerging technologies to modernize essential systems and scalable platforms. In partnership with our customer, we provide futuristic solutions.


Deliver proven, highly capable, and dedicated industry professionals that offer solutions to both commercial and federal clients with a primary focus on solving problems. With fast paced innovation that redefine the limits of technology —we apply mission focused expertise that addresses our client’s mission critical needs.


We shine with values of dedication, discipline, loyalty, honor, and patriotism, by serving mission critical operations in the US Army frontlines. We bring the patriotic passion and core strengths of Teamwork, Leadership and Problem Solving to serve the US Government agencies. Over the years, we developed a culture with a strong customer focused service, creativity, discipline in execution, and an environment that promotes innovation, helping both our team and our clients to reach their full potential.


Vizlesan committed to improving public outcomes through focus on people with a disciplined approach in the development, modernization, sustainable use, and sharing of information technology resources. Through the transformation of people, processes, and infrastructure, we help create experiences that help the US government achieve its mission and interact in purposeful ways with citizens.

We enable US veterans who served in the military, with advanced technical and management training to understand the complexity of customers’ business and deliver high quality solutions.

Shanthan Toodi
A Combat Veteran
Shanthan Toodi
Founder And CEO
Technology Architect
Bharat Sunkari
Innovator, Technologist and Problem Solver
Siva Reddy
VIT: Veterans in Technology and Business Empowerment Program
Technology Partners: Microsoft, SAP, Opentext and Tableau